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Cracks can be Serious Business

Cracks are of particular importance, because they are the single most common type of damage that can leave a wheel beyond repair. When a wheel bends near the base of a spoke, haze marks in the finish can sometimes be seen and indicate cracks. Because repairing a wheel is not always best in a particular situation, it is important that the wheel is thoroughly examined.

We value your safety above everything else and, for that reason, I Bent My Wheel considers a wheel to be irreparable if cracks appear:

  • Near the base of a spoke
  • Near the lug area
  • On the inner lip of the wheel away from the spokes. (But if a crack is smaller in size, this type of damage is usually salvageable.)

Cracks are particularly common on chrome-plated wheels, where the chroming process tends to render the wheel more brittle than a standard-finish wheel. Sometimes, if a chrome wheel is bent severely, the chrome has to be removed because there can be cracks underneath the chrome. In the case of a cracked chrome wheel, Metro will grind the chrome out and re-weld it.

Finally, we inspect for finish defects, searching out poor paint finish or additional scuffs and scratches.

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$125 and Up*
Cracks $150 and Up*
Curb Rash $60 and Up*

*Mount and Balance Additional